Jan. 16th, 2017

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13 месяцев человеку. Пошел своими ножками.Скоро говорить начнет, понимает, конечно, маму-немку и папу- русского и нас с Сан Санычем.
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Все-таки есть сермяжная правда в досье на трампа. Не стал бы он так пугаться, юлить. Или 19,5 % акций, или пленка. Дрянь -человек, однако.
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LONDON — The Germans are angry. The Chinese are downright furious. Leaders of NATO are nervous, while their counterparts at the European Union are alarmed.

Just days before he is sworn into office, President-elect Donald J. Trump has again focused his penchant for unpredictable disruption on the rest of the world. His remarks in a string of discursive and sometimes contradictory interviews have escalated tensions with China while also infuriating allies and institutions critical to America’s traditional leadership of the West.

No one knows where exactly he is headed — except that the one country he is not criticizing is Russia and its president, Vladimir V. Putin. For now. And that he is an enthusiastic cheerleader of Brexit and an unaffiliated Britain. For now.

Всем нахамил, кроме России. Очень скоро ему укажут на его место.


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