Feb. 10th, 2017

Dick head.

Feb. 10th, 2017 10:44 pm
babatoma: (Default)
-А я новый указ напишу и мы все равно победим!-  обрадовал поклонников товарищ прораб с мочалкой на голове.

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April Armstrong Campbell
Hey, when you don't like the way the checks and balances work in our system, just ignore them! And BUY IVANKA! Because almost all her clothes are made NOT IN AMERICA! No conflicts of interest at all, in any way...
10:38 PM PST
...you should wait until scotus rules on some of this stuff...you might have to blame the courts too if their decision goes against what you "know" to be right and just.
selective outrage is strong on the comments board! ..just goes to show, everything is all just a matter of perspective. there are no longer facts that exist in and of themselves.  
..facts must first be processed and even filtered....lest one risk having a brick hurled at one's head!!!
10:38 PM PST
There's plenty of facts, just a liar who keeps lying and denying it. Might have worked for him in the business world, but in the political world it gets you impeached.
10:39 PM PST
lol never said there weren't facts...rather facts are now all relative.
Allison Mic
I thought he was a dick head early in his campaign, then I though maybe he will do good, I liked his energy, now I think he is a dick head. Can the Republican party take us any lower? And I did not read the article. I already know he is a dick head.
10:38 PM PST
I hope you didn't put one of those Trump bumper stickers on. I hear they're really hard to get off. Maybe Russian hooker urine will work.
If they had done it right the first time they would not be spending my tax dollars paying for both sides of the law suit. It seems that regardless of the outcome all the politicians have done once more is put their hand in my pocket and wasted my tax money because Trump doesn't know what the hell he is doing.
10:30 PM PST
our infrastructure is falling apart...our educational system has fallen apart...our military is getting there... 
..our debt has increased by 10 trillion. 
...don't you sometimes ask...where did my tax dollars go on that point?
10:39 PM PST
Your tax dollars have gone to blowing up stuff in the sand. Same with your infrastructure and educational dollars. You can thank conservatives for that.
10:41 PM PST
..you just proved my point about "facts" Smile
Richard Smith
I am sure the courts will slam him again- it will become a battle between the White House and the courts and the courts will win- and eventually Trump will be impeached
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