Mar. 25th, 2017

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Хотелось бы взглянуть на все эти незатуманенные интеллектом  лица выборщиков. Такого хаоса, такого лгуна-президента, такой беспомощности слонов, такого непрофессионализма администрации не бывало прежде.

Steve Bannon, President Donald Trump's chief strategist, was furious and confronted the group. There would be no more negotiating, he said.
But Thursday night, as the men who could make or break the Obamacare repeal effort stared back at one another across the table, the realization was hitting many involved: There would be no deal.
The GOP's long-awaited Obamacare repeal bill, the first big push of the new Republican era, was doomed.
This story relies on accounts from more than two dozen administration officials, congressional staffers and Republicans close to the health care process. It recounts the chaotic period of brinkmanship, improvisation and disappointment that unfolded as the Republican Party -- yet again, but for the first time with its newly minted Republican President -- turned against itself.
The debacle raises a very real question as Republicans pledge to move onto other equally ambitious Trump agenda items -- like tax reform, an even heavier lift than Obamacare. Can Republicans actually govern?

Ага, этот Бэнной с лицом мясника главный дежурный по стране, да и еще Иванка, для которой готовят процедуру допущения к секретам.
И ни одного плюса  за 100 дней президенства.
Хочется надеяться, что трамп сыграет роль болезненной, но необходимой прививки для выздоровления страны.

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