Sep. 5th, 2017

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Trump “is not my bride. I am not his bride, nor his groom. We are running our governments,” Putin told a reporter at the economic summit, which hosted leaders from Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.


In biting remarks, Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed Russia’s diplomatic row with the United States on Tuesday, saying Moscow could further cut U.S. diplomatic staffing in Russia and calling U.S. searches of a Russian consulate and other diplomatic properties “boorish.”

“It is hard to conduct a dialogue with people who confuse Austria with Australia, but there is nothing we can do about this. It seems to be the level of political culture in a certain part of the U.S. establishment,” Putin said in his first public statements on the diplomatic dispute that has been deepening since Washington announced the closure of Russia’s consulate in San Francisco, as well as diplomatic properties housing trade missions in New York and Washington.

 Ну да, ну да. вот какой-то дурак путает Астрию с Австралией,а  я умею кошку рисовать задом наперед, и анекдоты  про дедушу с бабушкой рассказать некому, окромя Ганди.
Он там много чего наговорил, потребовал особенно нежного отношения к Ыну-нежно, товарищи, еще нежнее.

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Урезать Штаты

Путин: Штат дипмиссии США в России могут сократить еще на 155 человек
Но! Пока не буду.
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